Buying and selling new, used and 0 km cars

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Who We Are

Mekkano SRL boasts years of experience in the car buying and selling sector, operating as a multi-brand saller of new, used and 0 km cars.

Reference point for those who want to buy a car thanks to professional and competent staff and above all proceeding with a purchase through trusted interlocutors and in absolute safety.

Mekkano SRL is able to offer its customers multi-brand vehicles of any category. By contacting us and providing us the requirements of the car you are looking for, thanks also to our network of collaborators, we are able to find and offer all these solutions on the national territory our customers in order to satisfy their needs.

Each car is carefully selected and guaranteed for 12 months by law: honesty, seriousness and total transparency in the operations are characteristics that distinguish our company and that are recognized by the market.

In addition to the direct purchase of a car, our staff is able to carry out assessments aimed at an exchange and it is able to offer short and long-term rental solutions in order to find the most suitable solution for customer's requests.

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